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Handcrafted Poplar Valentine
At Austin Batworks, we celebrate our reputation as the city with the largest urban bat colony in the world. You'll find as many as 1.5 million Mexican Free-tailed bats right in the heart of our city, nestled in the crevices under the Congress Avenue Bridge.
*Other purchases benefit Austin-area nonprofit organizations, including Austin Bat RefugeMerlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation, and Pick With Austina nonprofit organization that serves as a resource for teens and youth struggling with depression.
Handmade Necklaces by Katie Holland
Bat Flying over Full Moon
Antique copper hand-cut bat with copper rivets on brass moon. Wingspan measures 1 3/4" with 18" chain.
Rippled Bat with Star
Antique copper hand-cut bat ripples from wing to wing. Brass star dangles from tail and lies centered in layers of chain. Wingspan measures 2 1/2" with 18" chain.
Austin-plated Bat
Antique copper bat, hand-cut and lightly textured. Brass plate stamped with AUSTIN and attached with copper rivets. Wingspan measures 2 1/2" with 18" chain.
metal bat sculpture
ladies filigree bat t-shirt
bat bridge socks
"weird things" batwear
6th street t-shirts
small single
large single
austin bat carolers
shoppers get weird
santa flies over austin
bat mistletoe
Another Austin Batworks original! Hand painted & decorated with vinyl & bling. Hematite heart dangles from tail. Bat measures 6 3/4" x 4".