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Bat-themed Glassware
At Austin Batworks, we celebrate our reputation as the city with the largest urban bat colony in the world. You'll find as many as 1.5 million Mexican Free-tailed bats right in the heart of our city, nestled in the crevices under the Congress Avenue Bridge.
*Other purchases benefit Austin-area nonprofit organizations, including Austin Bat RefugeMerlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation, and Pick With Austina nonprofit organization that serves as a resource for teens and youth struggling with depression.
Handmade Necklaces by Katie Holland
Bat Flying over Full Moon
Antique copper hand-cut bat with copper rivets on brass moon. Wingspan measures 1 3/4" with 18" chain.
Rippled Bat with Star
Antique copper hand-cut bat ripples from wing to wing. Brass star dangles from tail and lies centered in layers of chain. Wingspan measures 2 1/2" with 18" chain.
Austin-plated Bat
Antique copper bat, hand-cut and lightly textured. Brass plate stamped with AUSTIN and attached with copper rivets. Wingspan measures 2 1/2" with 18" chain.